Wholesale Chebe Oil Infused With Authentic African Chebe Powder

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Shop online at queensanity.com for Chebe Oil wholesale private label solutions. Here the Chebe Oil is infused with authentic African Chebe Powder for best results. The benefits of using authentic Chebe Powder in the ingredients for the Chebe Oil are monumental. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to dandruff relief thanks to the increased hydration, the Chebe Oil fights hair loss and promotes a healthy pH balance for the scalp area. You also notice the following additional benefits from infusing authentic African Chebe Powder in Chebe Oil:

Benefits from using Authentic Chebe Powder

Anti Inflammatory
Anti Fungal  
Strengthens Hair Follicles 
Eliminates Brittle/dry ends
Promotes Healthy Hair Growth


    What Makes Queensanity Natural Herbal Haircare Different

    Queensanity is a highly rated boutique shop that crafts Wholesale Private Label Herbal Natural Hair Care Products with no chemicals and no artificial fragrances. When you shop at Queensanity you can rest assured knowing that it's all about the ingredients. Potency is key when it comes to getting results and Queensanity believes in selecting the right ingredients to get the job done.


    Wholesale Chebe Oil by Queensanity Ingredients

    1. Authentic African Chebe Powder

    2. Olive Oil

    3. Grapeseed Oil

    4. Coconut Oil

    5. Multivitamins (crushed organic hair vitamins)

    6. Natural Preservative (Phenonip)



    Wholesale Chebe Oil Frequently Asked Questions



    How much is U.S shipping? Free for orders over $35

    International Shipping for Wholesale Chebe Oil? Yes

    Does Queensanity offer split pay options? Yes

    Can I Buy Wholesale Chebe Oil with PayPal? Yes

    What Sizes Can I Buy? 64oz , 120oz, 256oz(2Gallons)

    Can I Track My Order / Package? Yes, track package here.

    Where Can I Make My Purchase? Buy Wholesale Chebe Oil.


     Wholesale Chebe Oil Shipping

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